I've always been a "maker of things". As a child my grandmother would gather egg cartons, yarn, macaroni,  whatever she had at hand and we'd create!  Always brings a smile thinking back....

Now I enjoy designing and creating jewelry!
Inspired by all that surrounds me.  Could be a walk 
along the Detroit River, the birds I love to watch, post industrial building or hiking in the northern woods of Michigan...  
In 2001 I tried Precious Metal Clay and was hooked. The way it could be formed like clay yet when fired it became a beautiful piece of pure .999 fine silver! 
May you enjoy my little works of art as much as I enjoyed creating them.
More to come, thank you for stopping by.

    • Jewelry Artist • Precious Metal Clay Instructor •  
Colleen  Wilson  
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Hi!  Welcome to my website, where you'll will find unique one-of-a-kind jewelry creations plus limited editions.